Room Overview

Check in

※For those who have dinner included, we kindly ask you to check in by 19:00

Check out

※Please complete all payments by 10:00 on the check-out date


We accept various types

Number of rooms

23 Japanese-style rooms, 2 Western-style rooms, accommodation capacity 129 people (all rooms have toilets with washlets)
※Please not that specific rooms cannot be chosen
※Please contact us in advance if you have a wheelchair


Toothbrush set, bath towels, towels, yukata, TV, refrigerator, air purifier, humidifier, safe, kettle


Hair dryer, iron, heater
※Each item is limited

Pricing(1 room for 2 or more people)

Prices Bathing tax Breakfast Dinner menu Total
(tax included)
Adults(more than junior
high school students)
¥5,390 ¥150 ¥1,100 Diet(¥2,310) ¥8,950
Buddhist cuisine(¥3,630) ¥10,270
“Plum”Kaiseki(¥3,850) ¥10,490
“Bamboo”Kaiseki(¥5,500) ¥12,140
“Pine”Kaiseki(¥6,600) ¥13,240
Kaiseki course with Kumano steak and Shirasu-don(¥6,160) ¥12,800
Daimyo Kaiseki(¥14,300) ¥20,940
Children(or more elementary
school students)
¥4,290 ¥1,100 Diet(¥2,310) ¥7,700
A set(¥2,310) ¥7,700
B set(¥1,210) ¥6,600
Infant(three or
more years)
¥2,530 ¥1,100 A set(¥2,310) ¥5,940
B set(¥1,210) ¥4,840
¥3,850 ¥3,850

※For those who are staying alone, an additional 1,100yen will be required.

※Please note that reservations on saturdays, days before public holidays, the following time periods (3/25~4/7, 4/28~5/6, 7/21~8/31, 12/23~1/7),adults will be charged an additional 1,100yen・children will be charged an additional 660yen.

※For an additional 1,100yen (2,200yen total), you may instead choose our Wakayama Tourism Federation certified “Wakayama specialty Breakfast”, which uses seasonal ingredients unique to the area.

Recommended dishes

  • Plum Kaiseki

  • Bamboo Kaiseki

  • Pine Kaiseki

  • Diet

  • Kaiseki course with Kumano steak and Shirasu-don

  • Daimyo Kaiseki

  • kids meal A

  • kids meal B

  • Very popular! Wakayama Tourism Federation certified special breakfast(1,100yen is required separately)

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