Kishu’s hot spring inn
Where you can feel the history
Of spending time in a castle


Situated in the corner of Aokiyama from where the Gulf of Yuasa is visible stands “Yuasa Shiro”, which is located within the park’s grounds in front of the old castle ruins. In addition to the full-fledged Naginosato baseball stadium, there is a building where you can enjoy various sports including a softball field, gateball field, as well as tennis court.

As the entirety of Yuasa bay is known for its favorable catches all year round, it is a popular place that even amateur fishermen can enjoy.

For activities such as swimming or enjoying the shoreline, Obama, Suhara, Nishihiro, Karao, and karumojima provide the most ideal conditions. By all means please feel free to use our vincinities for anything you may need such as dining, banquets, and lodging.

Yuasa Onsen Yuasa Castle


  • Day trip・Onsen

    A reputable spring from Yuasa, Wakayama. From the bathhouse window, you can enjoy a sweeping view of Yuasa’s cityline all the way to the bay. For those who are simply taking a day trip, reservations are not required so please feel free to use our bathhouse.

  • Accommodations

    As a symbol of Yuasa, our accommodation facility is deeply loved by the locals, and used by travelers from all over Japan. It is the only castle in Japan where you can enjoy everything from gourmet food, leisure, natural hot springs, and abundant sport facilities.

  • Sports training camp

    Our sports facilities, which include an authentic baseball stadium, are used by High Schools, Universities, and Non-professional baseball teams as camps and training camps.

  • Groups・Banquets

    We also accept reservations from groups or organizations. Our rooms are available for banquets, meetings, training, etc.

  • Mikan and Grape Picking

    Yuasa Onsen, Yuasa castle and Mikan farm (Mr.Hayashi’s) collaboration project! By all means, please take part in this seasonal experience!

  • Hands-on Plan (1 night 2 days)

    In addition to accommodations and dinner, you can enjoy SUP cruising, fishing, BBQ, a tour of Yuasa winery, wine tasting, and other experiences all in one extravagant plan at Yuasa castle.