Privacy policy

Nihon Techno Corporation which operates Yuasa-jyo Castle (hereinafter, Nihon Techno) respects the privacy of its customers and considers the protection of customer personal information to be a key responsibility. On this website we are in compliance with personal information protection law and our approach to the handling of personal information is consistent with the following.

Definition of Personal Information
Personal information means information about a living individual that can identify the specific individual including name, birthdate, etc., or information that can be easily matched to other information that would enable the specific individual to be identified.
Collection and Use of Personal Information
Any personal information provided to us by a customer is used solely for the purpose of responding to inquiries or requests from the customer, or for purposes that are explained before the personal information is collected. Customer personal information is never used without permission for purposes other than these reasonable uses.
Third Parties
We do not provide personal information collected from customers to any third party without the prior consent of the customer. When delivering information that we think would be valuable to customers on behalf of businesses or organizations other than Nihon Techno, we do not disclose or provide customer personal information to those business or organizations without the customer’s consent, with the exception of the following circumstances.
・If disclosing personal information to Nihon Techno or its subcontractor (marketing affiliates, shipping companies, etc.) as necessary to the stated purpose of use
・If providing personal information to a third party as disclosed prior to collection of the personal information
・If provision to a third party has a basis in law or is otherwise legally authorized under personal information protection law
Disclosure, Revision & Deletion of Personal Information
Nihon Techno strives to administer the most accurate and up-to-date personal information of its customers as possible. If a customer wishes to view, revise or delete personal information that he or she has provided to us, we will respond as quickly as possible to such request within reason. Please contact Nihon Techno directly.
Administration of Personal Information (Security Measures)
We endeavor to prevent risk of hacking of personal data and loss, alteration or disclosure of personal information by engaging in the proper handling of personal information in compliance with relevant laws and regulations on this website while also implementing logical, systematic, physical, human and technical security measures for the handling of personal information entrusted to us by customers.
Warranty & Limitation of Liability
The customer takes full responsibility for his or her use of this website. Nihon Techno bears no responsibility for any damages that may occur as a result of the use of any information obtained from this website or from any website to which this website is linked.
Changes to Privacy Policy
Changes to the personal information items collected on this website, changes to the purpose of its collection and use, or other changes to privacy policy shall be publicly announced by making changes to this web page.