Frequently asked Questions

Is there a parking lot?
There is free parking available. Please use either the first or second lot (microbus parking is also a possibility).
Is there a smoking area?
We have a designated smoking area located in the courtyard (on our deck). Please note that all rooms are non-smoking.
Is the building interior barrier-free?
As there are steps in the building, please as the staff if you are in need of assistance.
Is there Wi-Fi?
We offer Wi-Fi in our lobby and dining room.
Can I send my luggage ahead of time?
Yes, as long as you contact us in advance, sending luggage ahead of time is possible.
What should I do if I have food allergies?
Please let us know in advance so we can accommodate you to the best of our ability.
I’m planning on staying for several nights-is it possible to change the dinner options?
We will adjust the menu so that it is different everyday.
Do I have the option to eat in my room?
It is possible. Although in the case of having courses delivered to your room, there will be a 10% service charge added.
Can you set up a surprise cake and flowers?
Yes. We only accept payment for such arrangements in cash.
Please tell me about cancellations

About accomodation/banquet cancellations
※Overnight stay/customers with no meal plan may also cancel.

Accommodation/Banquet (dishes) cancellation offer Free cancellation
7 Days before Unnecessary
6-4 Days before DateSave 20% of the fee (tax)
3 Days before Reservations 50% of the fee (tax)
The day of Reservations amount of fee (tax)

Those who are not eligible for reservations
In the following situations, reservations may not be possible
・Cases where others will be disturbed
・Using facilities for purposes other than their intended purpose
・Due to the Wakayama Prefectural Gangster Exclusion Ordinance, we refuse service to those affiliated with such parties