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Yuasa Castle CM

This is the CM of Yuasa Castle currently being aired. Starring actor what Mr. that “Shinichi Chiba” Original Yuasa-cho cooperation, in the traditional town Convincing performance has been captured. Passion is for the acting, to also abiding aura now I have been overwhelmed. Still, I was allowed to up for those that have not seen.

Town castle tower that Nami views of Yuasa

The hotel, including the spacious public bath of natural hot spring, Accommodation 30 rooms (Japanese-style 28 rooms, Western-style two-chamber), Hall of the banquet hall, it is and the like cafeteria. Japanese garden of the castle tower 1F, until the Kii of ocean Such as the view from the overlook 5F, It is a facility that you can enjoy the history and tradition of Japan.

Bathing time changes.

From Monday, December 22, 2014 It should be the street of follows at bathing time. Thank you for your understanding beforehand.

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